Product Overview

Nipro’s Surefuser™+ is a lightweight, single-use device for the safe delivery of IV administered medications that give patients the freedom to be treated anywhere.

Thanks to a closed system with built-in safety features, patients can wear Surefuser+ in the comfort of home – an important factor in improving quality of life during treatment. From chemotherapy and pain medications to antibiotics the SureFuser+ can deliver.

Simple, ergonomic design makes the Surefuser+ easy to fill, easy to connect, and even easier for your patient to manage.

Simply fill Surefuser+  with a standard 50ml Luer Lock syringe, attach the Surefuser+ to IV access and open the clamp.

Surefuser+ is available empty, or pre-filled via our pharmacy compounding partners to suit your patient’s specific needs/prescription.

With abundant supporting data and clinical stability studies, a clinician can use Surefuser+ with confidence.

Why Surefuser+?

  • Single use elastomeric infusion device with fixed or variable flow rates
  • Reduced patient training time
  • Does not require batteries or electricity
  • Lightweight, reliable and portable
  • Abundant clinical data and stability studies
  • Efficient particulate and self-venting filter with back-check valve
  • Flat, ergonomic Flow Control Unit to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Silent operation without confusing alarms
  • Latex free
  • Available in numerous sizes from 50mL to 250mL to suit a wide range of infusion requirements
  • Variable flow rates from 30mins to 5 days provides flexibility for physicians and patients
  • Strong port connector plus integrated, anti-kinking infusion line (DEHP-free)
  • Inexpensive, single use alternative to an expensive battery powered syringe driver

    Surefuser+ is a self-powered pump that uses the force of a deflating medical-grade isoprene balloon to infuse medication via catheter.

    Simple, ergonomic design makes the Surefuser+ easy to fill, easy to connect, and even easier for your patient to manage.

    Simply fill Surefuser+ with a standard 50ml Luer Lock syringe, attach Surefuser+ to IV access and open the clamp.

    How to use the Surefuser+

    Nipro is committed to helping you ensure first-class ambulatory care with Surefuser+. For over 15 years, we have perfected the design of our elastomeric infusion pump: high quality materials, lightweight design, easy to use closed system with integrated safety features.

    From preparation start to treatment end, medication is kept safely contained to ensure the continued protection of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

    Your questions answered:

    This FAQ is a guide and should not replace or take precedence over the instructions provided by your health care professional. If you have any concerns please contact your health care professional.
    How does my Surefuser+ work?

    Your Surefuser+ is filled with medication and then a small balloon provides pressure to infuse the drug. The rate the medicine is delivered is measured in milliliters (ml) per hour and is controlled by the Flow Controller.

    What should I do if the medication does not appear to be reducing over time?

    Make sure that the Clamp is open and that the Infusion Line or the connected catheter don’t have any bends and twists as these can cause fluctuations in the infusion rate. Also check the Filter for bubbles which you can remove by simply tapping it gently. If you cannot identify any obvious issues then please contact your nurse or Consultant at the Hospital as soon as possible.

    Do I need to clean my Surefuser+?

    Your Clinic will advise you how to keep your Surefuser+ clean. For further advice on cleaning please contact your nurse. WARNING: You should avoid using any substances to clean your Surefuser+ which may contain chemicals/alcohol that could damage the Casing or Infusion Line.

    Can I go outside with Surefuser+?

    Yes, however, please remember that Surefuser+ must stay out of direct sunlight and should not be exposed to high temperatures. Please ensure the flow regulator is securely attached to your skin. The pump should be kept in its carrying bag, as the device must remain at room temperature.

    Can Surefuser+ be worn in an MRI scanner?

    Surefuser+ does not contain any metal parts and may therefore be worn safely while undergoing an MRI. Consult your HCP to ensure that your infusion port and/or catheter is suitable for an MRI.

    Where should I wear my Surefuser+ during treatment?

    Your Surefuser+ can be worn anywhere on your body, for example a pocket or in a handbag or Surefuser+ carrying case. The main thing in selecting a place is that it is comfortable and protects the device from damage, sunlight, water or extreme temperatures. The Flow Controller needs to be taped to your body at all times as it uses the temperature of your skin (32°C) in order to function properly.

    How do I protect the Flow Controller and Filter whilst bathing?

    It is essential that you keep the Flow Controller and Filter dry at all times. You can bathe but you MUST keep your Surefuser+ and Infusion Line away from any contact with the water. Your nurse will advise you on the best protection for your Surefuser+. Should you use tape to cover the device whilst bathing, make sure that it does not restrict the Flow Controller or the Filter from functioning effectively.

    Please check with your healthcare provider if it is ok for you to shower or take a bath. Please make sure that the pump housing and the infusion line are not submerged or exposed to a direct stream of water. Surefuser+ is water resistant, but not waterproof. The filter on the bottom of the pump and in the infusion line should not come into contact with water or soap.

    Can I swim with Surefuser+?

    No. Swimming is not allowed because Surefuser+ should not be submerged in water. Sauna or steam room visits are also not allowed.

    Can I exercise with Surefuser+?

    If your healthcare provider allows you to, it is acceptable to perform light exercise with Surefuser+ as long as it remains close to room temperature and is not exposed to water. Try to avoid heavy vibrations, as this might influence the flow rate. Always follow the guidelines of your healthcare provider.

    Do I need to do anything to my Surefuser+?

    Your Surefuser+ has been designed to operate without you having to do anything. Please simply check it periodically to make sure your medication is infusing and for any noticeable leaks or damage. If you identify an issue please contact your nurse or Consultant at the Hospital.

    Does it matter if I get my Surefuser+ hot or cold?

    Your Surefuser+ needs to be kept at room temperature at all times and so please avoid exposure to sunlight and extreme cold.

    Is the device reusable?

    No – it should only ever be used once and then be disposed of.

    Can I sleep with Surefuser+ attached?

    Yes. We recommend that you keep Surefuser+ in a secured place on or near your bed and at the same head height as your sleeping position. Do not keep it under your bed covers, as the Surefuser+ needs to stay at room temperature.

    Can I travel by air with Surefuser+?

    Yes, it is safe to travel on planes that have pressurised cabins.

    Can I wash my Surefuser+ carrying case?

    Yes – this small bag provided is a reusable accessory and can be hand washed in a light soapy solution. Please ensure it is dry before re-use.

    A Nurse's guide to the Surefuser+

    This video gives a good understanding of the use of the SureFuser+ in the palliative care setting. Kindly provided by Linda Ora, Clinical Nurse Consultant at the Nepean Cancer Care Centre.

    Short-term Continuous Infusion

    Reference code Nominal volume MEAN flow rate* (ml/hr) Infusion time Flow regulator (colour)
    SFS-1030MP-EJ 100 ml 200 0.5 hrs
    SFS-1001HRP-EJ 100 ml 100 1 hr
    SFS-250-25P-EJ 250 ml 250 1 hr
    SFS-125-25P-EJ 250 ml 125 2 hrs

    *flow rate has a 10% accuracy margin