Surdial X

Product Overview

Ensure the maximum in patient safety and treatment efficiency with Surdial X, an easy to operate hemodialysis system that offers excellent flexibility and individualised treatments.

Operators are guided by step-by-step visual and sound notifications, while adjustable programs allow each treatment to match the specific needs of patient prescriptions. 

Reliable and inexhaustible, Surdial X is ideal for HD, HF, and (online) HDF.

  • 3-pump system for maximum flexibility – HD, HF, and (online) HDF with automatic selection of treatment mode
  • Limited disinfectant consumption and short disinfection time
  • Machine-assisted loading of pump segments
  • Intuitive user interface with full text guidance
  • Clear overview of treatment status
  • Patient card reader
  • Connection to external networks

Available functions:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring (BPM)
  • Blood Volume Monitor (BVM)
  • Clean Treatment Start (CTS)
  • Dialysate Infusion Function (DIF)
  • Dialyzer leakage control
  • Dose Detector Function
  • Max-Sub Function

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