From water treatment systems and machines, to disposables and concentrates - Nipro is your total solution provider.

Nipro is a global market leader with over 5 decades experience offering comprehensive renal solutions for hemodialysis and dialysis-related treatment.

In order to address the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and procurement managers alike, we are driven by innovation and patient safety to offer high quality products that optimise time, effort, and costs.

Our wide range of products include dialysers and blood tubing sets to regular, safety, and dull fistula needles, concentrates & solutions, and renal accessories. We are your total solution provider.


Surdial™ X

Ensure the best in patient safety and treatment efficiency with Surdial X, an easy to operate hemodialysis system that offers excellent flexibility and individualized treatments. 

Operators are guided with step-by-step visual and sound notifications, while adjustable programs allow each treatment to match the specific needs of the patient prescription. 

Reliable and inexhaustible, Surdial X is ideal for HD, HF, and (online) HDF.


Treat your patients’ individual needs

The Nipro product range covers the multiple and distinct needs of your dialysis patients whether it's hemodialysis or high volume hemodiafiltration.

Blood Tubing


For the right match and the right flow rate... the first time, every time.


AVF Needles

Vascular access is the gateway to quality of life, and Nipro is dedicated to providing the best possible care with every vascular access


Niprocart™ & Niprosol™

Ready-to-use liquid acid concentrates for use with bicarbonate concentrate.

Acid concentrate is an essential component in the preparation of dialysis fluid, whereby the hemodialysis machine mixes liquid acid concentrate with bicarbonate concentrate and purified water.



Streamline your clinical and administrative functions with the NephroFlow Product Suite, a comprensive range of configurable modules that address the digital needs of a modern dialysis unit.

portable RO

HemoRO 4 ONE

A safe, continuous supply of dialysis water is now available in a high performing, low maintenance system.


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